Federation house bedroom wardrobes makeover.

Federation house bedroom makeover: with an original north facing bay window on one wall and 3 doors on opposite walls, elegant storage in the form of solid wood wardrobes for this room was indeed a challenge. View the transformation below…

The clients will enjoy the play of light on the natural wood grain throughout the day.

Calculations in the design, compensate for the sloping original floor and allow the wardrobe unit to be proportionate to the wall and the door.

The top unit fits neatly below the picture rail, but allows bulky items such as bags, suitcases to be stored out of the way.

The drawers are tiered in height allowing for storage of items small and large.

The understated, aged brass handles chosen by the client, compliment the cabinetry’s classic styling.

Options for hanging clothes are provided by internal rails for this right hand unit.

Separate top units are great for those seasonal items and are helpful when getting through doorways with difficult access.

Before: built ins with white board internals.

This existing original Edwardian dressing table was the guide for styling and stain colour for the new wardrobe units.

Top and bottom units under construction in the workshop.

Lower bookcase units after stain application in the workshop.



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