Victorian house bedroom storage solution

Our client selected a custom wardrobe wall unit to sweep away a mix of odd furniture items and reorganise a young man’s bedroom. Too big to fit into a single picture, see how the whole design came together…

New matches old custom wardrobe wall unit

An existing original Edwardian wardrobe (left) was kept and became the key piece in design and stain colour for the new custom wardrobe wall unit design.

Four sections fit together

Constructed in Australian hardwood timber, the four sections fit together across one wall to free up the rest of the room for placement of the bed with access all around.

Classic brass half cup handles

The client’s choice of classic brass half cup handles from Tradco suit the era of the room and house.

Teardrop handles for the doors

Tradco teardrop handles for the doors are a perfect choice too.

Capping matches existing period wardrobe

This classic capping design borrows from the original existing cabinet and makes a great detail when seen from below.

Doors and drawers for flexibility

The mix of doors and drawers is calculated to serve the flexible needs of the present and future occupants of this room…

Storage for all kinds of things

…including ever expanding armies and other imaginable interests!


The shelves in the door sections are adjustable and removable for hanging and non-hanging storage and the drawers are tiered in size to fit shoes or smaller items.

Top cabinets for bulk storage

Carefully designed to reveal the fine original cornice at the ceiling line, these top cabinets will serve seasonal and bulk storage requirements up to, but excluding, boogie boards!

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