Recycled hardwood bathroom vanity cabinets that float!

For her out of Sydney, Kangaroo Valley retreat, Jo commissioned 2 bathroom vanity cabinets made from reclaimed Australian timber that fix directly to the wall and… well, float! More details below…

Sanding the edges

With construction complete, we sand off the rough edges and apply a sealing coat.

Drawer runners

The solid timber drawers are fitted with full extension runners for easy access.

ceramic bowl

The ceramic bowl is inserted into the hole cut into the top of the vanity. On site, the plumber will fit, connect and seal.

Shelf storage

With 2 drawers to each vanity for small items, a generous shelf area will hold large items such as towels etc.


This front view gives you an idea of how the cabinet will look against the wall, floating above the floor.

Hardwood rails

Hardwood back rails bolted to the wall will take the weight of the solid Australian timber used to construct these cabinets.

Bathroom vanity cabinets - wood grain

This wood grain and texture (formed over 100 years) will continue to delight into the future.

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