“We’ve lost touch with the nature of things”

Kevin McLeod, presenter of the Grand Design’s series, says this in one of his recent man made home by the sea episodes. He was considering the types of materials and “things” we choose to surround ourselves with nowadays. It made me think: could we be heading into a world filled with items popped out of […]

Stylish table for office in the sky.

Michael, a Sydney barrister, required a made to order solid timber table with legs that would fit precisely over a set of filing cabinets. Wanting to match the style of his desk and storage cabinet, he requested that I visit his office to discuss type of wood and check the specifications to be included in […]

How to improve Scandinavian chain store furniture.

Reading an article today in the Sydney Morning Herald, I was informed that there are companies across the world “piggybacking” onto IKEA products with improvements and decorations. Seems people will pay a lot more if the result personalises and differentiates the original item. The article, attributed to Bloomberg, lists companies such as Prettypegssells which supply’s […]

Kangaroo Valley, Australia…of course!

Susan was building a house on her property, a couple of hours south of Sydney, with the intention of sharing this special part of Australia with future paying guests. She wanted to reflect the natural charm of the surrounding tree lined ridges in the kitchen, which at the time was still being built. Flat packed […]