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Federation style bathroom wall cabinet.

Though a client may have a small furniture item requirement, woodwoodwoodwood can still help. A bathroom renovation had made sourcing a wall cabinet that would fit in style and size a difficulty for Lesley. She wanted the best for her fine Federation house in Burwood, Sydney. Made to the dimensions supplied, the choice of material […]

Period style, compact bathroom: where to put a cabinet? After…

The design of the wall cabinet includes shapes used for the original window and door frames. It was painted white to blend into and complete the overall look required by Sonia and Theo. Although alterations were required after the first installation, the second fitting proved successful – much to everyone’s relief.    

Period style, compact bathroom: where to put a cabinet? Before…

Sonia and Theo were faithfully restoring their Californian bungalow house in Bexley, Sydney, but had a problem. No where to store anything in the 2 metre square bathroom. Pedestal basin, bath, toilet, door and window was it. There was one option. A cabinet above the basin and the tile line and mirror at head height. […]

Coogee, Sydney: Art Deco apartment renovation.

A familiar sight in Sydney are rectangular dark red apartment blocks built in the early to middle 20th century. The blocks were constituted of four or six “flats” arranged two per floor and accessed by stairs through a front or side ground entranceway. .My clients, Jane and Chris, were lucky to have one of these […]