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Sustainable Wood Growth chart ruler

Looking for a gift that will last a lifetime? Order your family a metric wooden height chart ruler. Our rulers are hand made using 100% Australian plantation wood, this sustainable timber growth chart ruler will record your child’s memories for a future generation that will thank you for caring. Contact us to order today. See Howard […]

More giant wood growth chart rulers taking over the world!

New batch of rulers ready for those with special small people in mind. Purchase from

It is time to honour our Australian rulers

My partner, Claire Pickard, was inspired to imagine a giant ruler with metric graduations for Australian children. She realised that imported items with imperial measurements made no sense for school age kids. Made from 100% Australian plantation timber, we both believe and hope that they will be treasured, appreciated and valued into the future, Below […]

Get your Australian metric wooden growth chart rulers here!

Ella is “pure heroine”. I got a surprise when she contacted me several weeks ago. She had searched online for a metric version of a large ruler to give as a gift for her nephew. Now the fact that she lived in Perth, Western Australia, shouldn’t have been a problem, but most of the freight […]