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Sometimes small furniture items are just as important:

A set of two side tables to match the type of wood and colour of existing cabinetry and keep drinks, food, books and electronic devices off the floor. What could be easier.  

Plain, strong, 100% sustainable Australian wood compact dining table & benches – before

Ruth contacted to request a dining table to fit into a small area against a wall in her kitchen. The entrance and exit points to and from this area meant that chairs weren’t practical, so small 2 person benches were decided apon; being easy to move under the table when not in use. See […]

Refectory table style; 1000 years old

A refectory was a large hall historically and the tables used were often large and long with benches to seat as many people as possible. This was possible due to an inset table base and remained popular until the use of chairs in the 18th and 19th centuries. Paul was looking for a table that […]

Imagine a table for 2 to 4 people that extends out to 12 and will fit in a lift!

A traditional style, hand made table using wood, that pulls apart and will last your life. Ideal for apartment living and can be finished in a stain colour of your choice. Everyone has experienced those occasions when a large number of friends or relatives have needed to be put around a table. And just because […]