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Recently completed recycled Australian hardwood entertainment cabinet and shelves commission for Rose Bay, Sydney, residence.

What was interesting about this project, was the inclusion of blacksmith forged steel shelf brackets –  partly to help carry the weight of the Australian hardwood shelves and also as a decorative feature requested by the client. Left to age in the weather and waxed by hand, the result is a balance of wood and […]

Where to put the books?

Bookcase project for Professor of Philosophy returning to Picton, Sydney, after working in the USA. Designed and installed by  

New Project; reclaimed, recycled wood top for existing fabricated cabinet – completed.

150 year old recycled Australian solid tallow wood cabinet top completed and installed – see previous post. Thank you Jenny of Rose Bay for letting us make it real for you. Enjoy…for lifetimes. Enquiries welcome at  

Wall unit as practical sculpture

To really lift a home space out of the mundane, you need to dream and not accept the comfortably obvious. Eden was inspired to inquire whether something could be made to order to fit an open living room wall in her North Bondi house. Affordability was a consideration as she and her partner were expecting […]