Care for your wood will love you back

Wood care tips

– Use a soft, dry cloth for general dusting.

– Clean finished timber surfaces with a damp (plain water) sponge – and squeeze it as dry as you can so the surface dries quickly.

– Stains such as red wine or glue should be seen to as soon as possible, with a damp cloth.

-“Clean and polish” sprays offer a quick shine but the effect is short-lived and this encourages frequent re-use. The silicone in these products adds surface protection but will build up over time, affecting the finish long term.

– Use a non-silicone furniture wax or oil to seal the finish and protect from changes in humidity, spills, stains and scratches.

-For scuffs, scratches and surface repairs, Howard Products have a range of waxes, oils and finish restorers. Look them up at – they know their stuff, are very serious about wood and their online video demonstrations are worth it alone.

– Eucalyptus oil is good for colds and stuffy noses, but did you know it’s also excellent for getting marks off finished timber? Do a spot test first, but it shouldn’t affect the finish and it will remove pen marks, sticky smudges and all sorts of grime. Keep a bottle on standby.

– Avoid using solvents like nail polish remover or methylated spirits – these will damage the finish.